Ahmad A. Sabra, the Projects Director at RTS Investments Group participates in the Arab League Partners Alliance hosted an event on May 23rd.

On May 23rd, the Arab League Partners Alliance hosted an event that included the signing of cooperation protocols with the heads of its various committees. Ahmad Sabra, who had previously been appointed as Chairman of the Sustainable Cities Committee, played a prominent role in this event. Eng. Sabra participated in group discussions on sustainability and sustainable cities, presenting his vision for sustainable urban planning strategies aimed at developing smart cities and green spaces that conserve resources and enhance financial risk management.

Eng. Sabra emphasized how sustainable cities leverage natural resources to improve the quality of life through sustainable transportation planning and effective waste management. He discussed the importance of smart transportation solutions, such as electric vehicles and infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, he highlighted the integration of sustainability principles into architectural and industrial design processes, stressing the significance of incorporating these principles from the project’s inception through to its completion.